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Pendragon Stills
An Arthur Pendragon Icontest
Recent Entries 
4th-Jan-2011 11:49 pm - Challenge Extension
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
Extending the challenge another week as we only have 6 icons entered; you can find it here

The new deadline is Monday 10th at 8pm UK Time
27th-Dec-2010 10:15 pm - Challenge Extension
Merlin: Arthur/Gwen (Sparkle)
Challenge 17- Textures has been extended until Monday 3rd January at 8pm and you can find it here.
7th-Oct-2010 06:58 pm - Winners and Banners - Challenge 16
Merlin: Edwin
Here are the winners for challenge 16, congratulations to the winners, thank you to everyone who voted and the banners are underneath the cut. Challenge 17 currently has no entries and you can find it here.

nurrantiel miss_pioupiou miss_pioupiou 
Best ColouringMod's Choice 
miss_pioupiou i_is_for_icon  

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5th-Oct-2010 11:28 pm - Challenge 17 - Textures
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
For this challenge your icons must all feature at least one texture, you can use any images you'd like and there are some sample images underneath the cut.


[x] All icons must be brand new and not be used or posted anywhere else until after the voting is concluded
[x] You can enter up to five icons
[x] You can have any characters in the icons as long as Arthur is in each icon
[x] Enter by posting your icon(s) in a screened comment
[x] The deadline for entries is Tuesday 12th at 7pm UK Time, click here for  a countdown timer
[x] You may use images up to and including 3x04

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4th-Oct-2010 07:29 pm - Voting - Challenge 16
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
I'm so sorry about the huge delay with this but here is the voting for challenge 16. The icons are underneath the cut;


[x] Do not vote for your own icons
[x] Vote using the template below in a screened comment
[x] Voting will close Wednesday 6th October at 5pm UK Time


Best Colouring:
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29th-Aug-2010 06:46 pm - Winners and Banners - Challenge 15
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
I'm sorry about the delay in updating this community, real life became hectic for a while. We were unable to break most of the ties in the tie-breaker (instead of having eight icons in two ties, seven of them got one vote each) so there is no mod's choice as there are so many winners. The banners are underneath the cut.

I just noticed that I accidentally put up the tie-breaker under the wrong name, the one with three icons was not for Most Emotive but it was for Best Crop but all three were still tied at the end (and were tied for best crop initally) - I'm so sorry about that!

FirstSecondThird (Joint)Third (Joint)Third (Joint)

ensanglante undrsomestairs miss_pioupiou nurrantiel ensanglante 
EmotiveCrop (Joint)Crop (Joint)Crop (Joint) 
sparkly_cracker miss_pioupiou miss_pioupiou undrsomestairs  

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7th-Aug-2010 07:20 pm - Ties
Merlin: Arthur (Storm)
There is still just under three hours to enter challenge 16 here, so if you have some time to enter an icon or two they would be very appreciated :)

Here is the tie-breaker voting for challenge 15, please vote in a screened comment and voting will close Monday 9th August at 6pm UK Time. You can not vote for your own icons.

Third Place (vote for one icon)


Most Emotive (vote for one icon)

3rd-Aug-2010 12:30 am - Reminder
Merlin: Arthur (Helmet)
A couple of reminders:

The voting for challenge 15 ends Tuesday night (link)
There is currently only two icons entered for the new challenge (link)
31st-Jul-2010 11:46 pm - Voting - Challenge 15
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
There were 20 great icons entered for challenge 15 so thanks to everyone who entered, the icons are underneath the cut and challenge 16 is up and running here.


[x] Do not vote for your own icons
[x] Vote using the template below in a screened comment
[x] Voting will close Tuesday 3rd August at 10pm UK Time (clock)


First Place:
Second Place:
Third Place:

Best Crop:
Most Emotive:
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31st-Jul-2010 11:29 pm - Challenge 16 - The Witch's Quickening
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
Here is challenge sixteen, this time is it a picture specific challenge which means that you must only use the pictures provided (there are seven underneath the cut.)


[x] You can enter up to five icons
[x] This round, your icon must contain Arthur and you must only use the images below; you can use the images more than once if you want
[x] No animation is allowed but you may use all other effects.
[x] Icons entered must be new and must not be used or posted anywhere until the voting is concluded.
[x] Enter in a comment here (comments will be screened) and the deadline is Saturday 7th August at 10pm UK Time (click for a clock)

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