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Pendragon Stills
An Arthur Pendragon Icontest
Challenge 04 - Arthur and Uther 
2nd-Sep-2009 08:48 pm
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
It is time for challenge four - a themed challenge! This week the theme is Arthur and Uther; any icon you enter must contain both characters; either from the same image or from seperate images. I have included some sample pictures but you can use any picture, from any episode, that you like.


[x] Enter up to five icons (icons must be new and not be posted anywhere else or used until the voting is concluded.)
[x] Your icon can contain other characters as well (as many as you want) but must contain both Arthur and Uther - if one of the two is missing the icon will not be entered into the voting.
[x] Animation is not allowed but all other effects are.
[x] Entries are due in Tuesday 8th September @ 12pm GMT Time (but you can enter icons any time until the voting goes up.)

Sample Images (click for bigger versions):


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